Precision Patterns

Our skilled in-house precision pattern makers have an unrivalled depth of knowledge of what is required to make composite parts.

Our experienced team provides fast and effective responses on any project, advising and delivering across all our customer projects. If you provide a pattern and we can improve it – we will. 

Our pattern makers can work from any technical line drawing supplied by the client or as can sometimes happen, make alterations/improvements to CNC cut patterns.

We work in consultation with you throughout the project as it progresses to ensure your expectations are met. 

Precision Patterns

Precision Pattern Makers Mpm skilled in-house precision pattern makers working on a project Pression patterns maker's workflow

When working from technical line drawings, depending on the design, it is sometimes more commercially viable to produce a traditional pattern which, thanks to the expertise of our team, will still be extremely accurate and offer a quick turnaround.

As the project progresses, our partnership approach ensures that we work together for your ultimate success. We are happy to support from early CAD stages to save re-drawing parts that have a possibility of undercuts and ‘sticking’ in the mould.

Meet The Team

Benefits Of Precision Pattern Makers

  • Swift Amendments and Modifications: Experience the efficiency of quick and seamless changes to your patterns and designs.

  • Unparalleled Versatility: Our pattern makers excel in crafting surfaces that surpass the limitations of CNC machining, when you may not have CAD data available.

  • Utilise Existing Moulds: Benefit from the ability to modify existing moulds or master moulds, transforming them into patterns for upgrades and enhancements.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Save on expenses by avoiding the need to revisit the original CAD model or CNC pattern for adjustments.

  • Comprehensive CAD Support: Enjoy dedicated CAD support throughout your project, ensuring smooth progress and high-quality results.

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"In over 16 years of trading with MPM, I have never had cause to question or fault their quality and service... Backed up by quality products, service and advice, we feel confident about the future together."

Mark Turner, Product Manager, Trojan Plastics Ltd

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