GRP / Fibreglass Moulds

High levels of quality, experience and technical expertise.

Our team is committed to exceeding customer expectations and providing fibreglass moulds and products of the highest quality. We pay attention to every detail in our supply chain to enhance every step of the process. Continually investing in our team, processes and standards means we add value at all stages of your journey here with MPM.

We undertake extensive pre-project work, such as precision pattern making and product development to ensure that your product is manufactured Right First Time. 

Fibreglass Moulds

Wet Lay-Up Wet Lay-Up workflow Mpm team applying several layers of resin

With over 45 years of experience in the production of GRP moulds, this technique has been with us since our early days.

Manufactured by an exceptional team here at MPM by applying several layers of resin until the desired amount of glass fibre is achieved. 

Our quality standards and attention to even the smallest details ensure that we match the customer demands and product requirements. Our after-sales service is arguably the best in the sector and we pride ourselves on our Right First Time (RFT) targets.

With no size limitation, this technique is more often used to produce larger moulds such as water treatment tanks, shower pods, caravan parts and commercial vehicle parts.

Our experience here has grown over the years and we now have several trained operatives and dedicated booths to offer a speedy and exacting quality of service in this area.

Chop Spray Chop Spray workflow Mpm team member applying chop spray
Resin Transfer Moulding Resin Transfer Moulding workflow Mpm team member appling Resin

Here at MPM we provide a complete service from the drawing concept to designing, producing and commissioning the closed mould tooling, Resin Transfer Moulding or Closed Moulding is a cleaner and more efficient and effective way of producing a composite part. Producing a mould in this way ensures it is chemically resistant, fire retardant and extremely durable, with no risk of corrosion.


  • Minimal equipment and tooling costs.

  • Products can be produced to a high quality, corrosion resistant and to a fire retardant specification.

  • Various types of resin can be produced including bespoke polyesters to fit specific requirements.

  • Scope for a wide range of physical and mechanical properties in the laminate.

  • Short lead times for component production.

  • Versatility of design, part shape, size and laminate configuration.

  • Cost-competitive for individual items and short runs of complicated designs.

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"I am also a very particular individual that requires a level of service and quality often difficult to achieve. The guys at MPM are ‘stand up’ guys, always making things work, juggling resources where necessary to help me keep my business flowing."

Morgan Clissett, Production Director, Treka Bus Ltd

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