Precise 3D Scanning

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern manufacturing, where automation, CNC, and digital techniques are at the forefront, MPM has made a strategic investment in cutting-edge portable 3D scanning equipment.

Our commitment to excellence in pattern creation, mould development, and composite part manufacturing has led us to integrate Creaform's innovative scanning technology. Leveraging laser optics, this technology empowers us to collect data at an astounding rate of 480,000 measurements per second, with an astonishing accuracy of 0.040mm. This data is transformed into a versatile mesh format, opening a world of possibilities for our clients.

Our 3D scanning service offers a multitude of applications, including:

  • Pattern Verification to CAD Data
  • Mould Verification using Pattern Scan Data
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Digital Archiving
  • Jig/Fixture Verification
  • Assembly Simulation by aligning CAD and Scan data
  • First-Off Inspection Verification, comparing Mould, Pattern, and CAD data

Fibreglass Moulds

Wet Lay-Up 3D Scanning GRP product Mpm team applying several layers of resin

One of the standout features of the Creaform system is its incredible software which gives the ability to examine and analyse scan data in a way not usually seen in the world of composites. Patterns, mould, or parts can all be compared against each other or against CAD enabling MPM to ensure that our products are the very best quality. This deployment of industry leading technology empowers MPM to detect design errors or irregularities in pre-production phases, thereby saving our clients both time and money. Our team of operators boasts over four years of experience, enabling them to efficiently reverse engineer OEM parts or generate data for crafting moulds of heritage components. This expertise significantly reduces time-to-market and slashes development costs.

“I had designed a complex GRP rebate which included recesses to mount a direct vision glass panel, a speaker and was to be mounted and match existing contours of an OEM door card. After consultation with Tim, he used the 3D scanning technology to identify a few discrepancies between the physical fit vs the 3D data – showing gaps, where gaps shouldn’t be. MPM were then able to modify the tooling and deliver a top quality, perfectly fitting product.
I am delighted with the result and extremely happy with the service and guidance I received. Not only did we improve our development process, but also reduced both timescales and costs.

Josh Edgar - Design Engineer
Astra Vehicle Technologies Ltd

Benefits of 3D Scanning

  • Portable – available anywhere in the UK
  • Standalone service – no hidden costs
  • Highly accurate (aerospace grade, certified by FAA to repair Airbus/Boeing)
  • Fast – scanning can be done in minutes
  • Detection of defects, damage or comparison old to new
  • Able to digitally archive parts so physical originals don’t have to be stored
  • Recreate duplicates from heritage parts

Innovate - Quality - Reliable - Team - Leaders

"MPM understands the importance of quality, price and delivery. Achieving all 3 is no easy task, but every time we deal with MPM these 3 aspects are achieved."

Keith Siddle, Lamplas

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